For the last few months we have been working very hard to become as zero waste (or rather low waste) as possible. We also realized how hard it actually is to ditch all the unnecessary single use plastic packaging, especially being a small business. That’s why we will never claim to be perfect, but we will always try our best!

These are some initiatives we’ve started as a part of our journey:

  • We’ve opened a very small plastic free and reusable shop to help our customers start taking small steps towards zero waste
  • We offer refillable cleaning supplies
  • The little food waste we have goes to a local allotment for composting
  • We partnered up with to recycle some household items that would normally end up in a landfill. This also helps us get financial donations to a local childrens hospice (read more here)
  • We buy our veg and fruit loose (where possible)
  • We’ve ditched meat (our menu is currently pescatarian)

And this is just the beginning. We’re currently in the process of organizing some zero waste workshops to encourage others to follow and hopefully soon most our seasonal veg will come from a local farm in Enfield. This will help us reduce our food miles and CO2 footprint.

But by far the best outcome of all this has been getting to know the amazing community we have here in Barnet. We have gotten fantastic support from not only our customers but also other local businesses.

If you have any suggestion on how we could take our efforts to the next level, please get in touch!


Team Wilds