Parenting advice and support group

Parenting advice and support group – free drop in sessions!

It’s not a secret to anyone – parenting is very hard work and sometimes you just need to talk to someone, even just to vent for a bit and maybe hear a different perspective on what seems like the end of the world (not sleeping will do that to you). So here is what we have to offer: 

Every last Monday of the Month starting the 29th of October between 9.15 – 11.15AM, there will be a free parental advice and support drop in session led by a child therapist and parenting coach!

We are all about family, community and support for each other. We try hard to come up with new ideas to make the cafe a safe place for everyone – breastfeeding mums, tantrum full toddlers, vegans, meat eaters, tall, short (you got the idea) –  there is no judgement! So we hope you’ll give this a try and maybe it’ll will become just a little bit easier! 


Let’s bee🐝 @the wilds

90 minute drop-in session for you and your child to come and be.

Be well
Be together 
Be thoughtful 
Be playful
Be you

Come and join me for a therapeutic 90 minutes of group chat, craft and songs to discuss what it means being a parent,finding your new rhythm and balance.

Sessions are free and led by Claire, a Child Therapist and Parent Coach at 

The Wilds Cafe

27 East Barnet road



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