#SpaceForArt – meet the artist #1

Art needs space, it needs to be seen and people need to be given a chance to say what they want to say. Our little gallery has been created with just that in mind, giving young artist a chance to show their voice to the world! 

Shortly after the idea of creating a space for art was born, the work began, and we started getting in touch with artist from near and far. Within a few weeks our walls transformed from a boring shade of grey to a wonderful mix of colour, technique and talent. And I’m so excited to finally introduce you to the people and faces behind the art. 

For the next few weeks keep your eyes and ears open, one by one, we’ll be bringing the talent to you!

Meet the artist #1

Today I want to highlight one of the brightest artists I have had the pleasure to meet:

 Sarah Ashleigh

Her mixed media artwork is the result of ongoing and extensive experiments to express quite simply what energy looks and feels like within everyday life. She finds herself very drawn to the connection between science and spirituality. In her abstract pieces she invites the viewer to create their own understanding within the piece, taking in the organic shapes and striking colour combinations, with some having a less obvious idea within. In other pieces, she uses some of the techniques she learned along the way to create shapes of various animals, expressing her love for nature and living things.

Her work can be found on: https://www.whatsarahdoes.co.uk/abstract

 See more and get in touch:

Her pieces ”Breath” and ”Orcas” are available for purchase at The Wilds!
*If you’re an up and coming artist and want to display your art on our walls, email thewildscafe@gmail.com

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