Can you believe it’s March already?

The main event this month will be a Tea Blending Workshop on Saturday March 14th at 4PM. It will be run by our friends at CHASH Tea. It will be 2 ours of playing with and blending 4 types of tea, freshly bakes scones with jam and cream and at the end of the workshop you’ll leave with a bag of the finest loose leaf tea.

We’ll also be joined by Eden with her adult mindfulness workshops. This month we’re hosting a Clay club on Monday, March 9th and Experimenting with Colour on Thursday, March 26th. Read more about them here.

And as usual every Tuesday morning we have ABC’s 12 Please. If your child is 2 – 5 and is ready for a little step up from free-play groups, this one is for you. There’s no pressure in sessions, but just a little nudge to help them with their social skills and building up their confidence whilst learning a few bits and bobs along the way. Class numbers are always limited for safety and comfort, pop along and join in the educational fun and nonsense! Book here.

On Thursday mornings we have Little Sign Stars. Do you ever look at your baby when they are crying and think “I wish they could just tell me what they want!”? Well, with the help of Little Sign Stars, you can teach them to do just that. Signing is an extremely beneficial tool for you and your baby, one that allows them to be heard and their needs met. So if you have a 5 – 18 month old, come join us! Book here

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